Hardware RMA and Certifications

Our RMA and hardware Certification process' adhere to the industry best of breed practices, certifications, and quality control assurances.

RMA Process

  • 1. A Ticket is opened through Palotac for a covered device. This can be through our website, partner or master distributor portal, phone, or email.
  • 2. Based on the information provided about the device (tests done, symptoms, running tests, etc.) our engineer will trigger an RMA for replacing the device which has failed.
  • 3. The replacement device will be immediately dispatched within the contracted SLA. For PTAC8, the device will arrive the next business day before 10:00 AM local. For PTAC24, the device will arrive in 4 hours.
  • 4. Our Expert engineer is on standby for assistance in replacing the device. This can be when it arrives, or during a scheduled maintenance window.
  • 5. When the device has been successfully replaced and running smoothly, an RMA summary and instructions will be provided. A return label is included with the shipped replacement.
  • 6. You can close the ticket once the faulty device has been sent back to Palotac.


  • All hardware we supply through any RMA process adheres to the industry best of practice certification standards:
  • ISO 9001:2008.
  • TL9000.
  • CCRE - Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (by request).
  • HP Renew Enterprise (by request).

Hardware Functionality Testing

  • We place our hardware through our own stringent quality tests to ensure the device is functioning 'New or Like New'.
  • Guarantee manufacturer markings and tamper labels have not been touched.
  • Match external and internal serial identifications.
  • Power and voltage cycling to ensure proper operating temperatures.
  • Swap modules, power supplies (if applicable), line cards, SUP engines to ensure each component is functioning properly.
  • Detailed visual inspection of all external and internal I/O connections.
  • Redundancy assurance checks.
  • Lab tested through stress and quality tests - all soft diagnosis done with enterprise software.