Ahead of the Curve

The current market for networking and big-data maintenance is antiquated and ingrained in tradition, not innovation. We see the present solutions available as very isolated in their offerings, business mentalities, and bredth of knowledge.

There are four classes of maintenance providers presently in the market:

Provides hardware RMAs with no questions asked.

Replace the Hardware Only

  • -"Hardware is a commodity - where is my value?"
  • -"Can't I just spare my replacements myself?"
  • -"What if I have a technical question and you are unable to answer it?"
  • -"I have to go to another vendor for technical support?"
  • -"My hardware very rarely fails, where is my value?"

A Tiered support model which increases time to resolving problem by design due to inefficiencies.

Call Center Support

  • -"I have been transferred to four different people - why can nobody solve my problem?"
  • -"I got to their highest level support personnel and they said I have to speak with the OEM to solve the problem."
  • -"It is difficult to understand some accents"
  • -"Can I get a dedicated contact for my problems?" "Not at this time."

A technical support solution which includes a hardware replacement with a network monitoring solution for companies with limited to no IT staff.

Managed Services Support

  • - "My network shows a problem, and now I am sent to a tiered support model."
  • - "My contract for maintenance this year is how much?"
  • - "Do I have to place all my devices under this support? How do you communicate with our other support vendors?"
  • - "Can you set my device alerts based on the history of the device?"

OEMs primarily manufacture hardware. Maintenance is an afterthought.

OEM Support

  • - "I'm sorry, but my maintenance contract is how much?"
  • - "I have been waiting for hours and gone through multiple support levels without an answer... why is this taking so long?"
  • - "Why do I have to by a maintenance contract for my software to function as advertised?"
  • - "Can you tell me how to prevent this problem from happening again?" "Not at this time."

Palotac Support Services combine the best elements of each type of provider, and adds a host of included features which places us ahead of the curve. This in turn provides our customers with the best possible support solution based off of fair market value of service.

Our PTAC Service Levels innovate by combining all of the following details of service:

When hardware fails, you receive a replacement immediately.

We are firm believers that when you have a hardware failure, we provide you with a replacement immediately. We do not ask you to re-do tests and waste time in triggering the RMA process. When our engineer deems a devices has failed based on your troubleshooting steps / observations / feedback, we will walk you through the RMA process from beginning to end. Our support does not stop when a replacement has shipped; our support ends for every RMA ticket when the replacement device is working equivalently or better than the device was before the failure. We can walk you through the configuration procedure, testing, best practices, and much more to assist in every RMA instance.

Simple support, contract, and general Q&A issues can be answered quickly.

Our Expert Support Services are not limited to major break fixes. You can engage with our PTAC support about any issue ranging from "What does this amber light mean?" to "We have a 30 location, company wide internet outage!" We are on standby to answer any question regardless of complexity for any covered device in your contract. You can also request to have a dedicated Service Manager if you have a large annual RMA rate, high amounts of configuration need, which ensures one contact for logistics contact for receiving replacements and returning defective devices. The Service Manager can also be your contact for contract additions, removals, account credits, account questions, and much more.

Monitoring provides alerts based on warning signs, and proof of hardware failure.

We do not provide monitoring in it's traditional form - however, we provide best practices and advice at every ticket closure to ensure the problem never happens again with that device. This can include trends and trouble signs to pay attention to, ensuring your internal teams can learn from each ticket generated through our PTAC Support Services, and be aware of ongoing potential issues based on your past experiences.

Receive general Q&A, sometimes Expert Support, and immediate hardware replacements.

OEMs are primarily hardware manufacturers. Maintaining their already sold equipment is a controversial issue as it is not in their best interest from an OpEx stance to make sure a device is functioning as long as possible. This is self evident in End of Life policies the major networking and big-data manufacturers have implemented and enforced rigorously. On average, a device is no longer support and deemed EOL within 6 years. Almost 95% of the time there is nothing wrong with the device when it becomes fully EOL. As an Expert maintenance provider, we have the opposite mentality in that we strive to preserve your annual OpEx by enabling you to keep fully functional hardware in your infrastructure as long as deemed necessary. This creates huge cost savings year on year, and is proven to prevent unforeseen problems by reducing unnecessary change to an already functioning network. Let our Experts increase the realized lifetime of your networking infrastructure.

Learn more about our Service Level Agreements (SLA), our Supported Products, our Hardware Certification process, and our End of Life Policy. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.