Why Partner with Palotac?

We focus on providing novel solutions to make your networking, server, and IT support services more cost flexible while increasing service expertise and reducing operating expenditures. Our engineers are ready to help you integrate our support services into your business' service portal, and to manage the full cycle of IT support, hardware replacement, logistics, metric reporting, and customer management.

Compare our Partner Support Service Program to a traditional support model:

Expert, Efficient, and Effective

Advantages of the Palotac model:

Fluid Tier-3 Expert Engineer responses for all devices.

Inherent coordination during problems involving multiple types of nodes.

pRoute algorithm - Tickets are routed intelligently to one engineer who solves the problem from start to finish.

Ability to white-label our services as your own.

Your sales teams stay in the complete loop of maintenance issues.

Cut-out upwards of three extra 'engineers' for each Ticket.

Our developers can provide, free of charge, complete instructions of how to incorporate our support API interface into your Customer facing Portal.

Hardware replacements within certain support service levels can be purchased for the customer, from you, by Palotac.

Best practices provided by an Expert for more than one technology on any given Ticket.

If your customer is unsure where the problem is occurring, our Expert engineer will guide them across technologies to solve the problem, and not hand off the Ticket to a different vendor.

The Customer has one point of support with one process of receiving the support across all devices.

The solutions to every ticket across all supported vendors, technologies, and sub-technologies adhere to the same best practices and reporting. This can be easily adopted by a customer internally and presented to their management and executives for service evaluation.

Why does it not work?

Reasons why this Support Model is unsustainable:

Layers of wasted entitlement, basic troubleshooting, and low-level support.

Complex problems involving multiple technologies can add as many as 20 levels of support doors to get through to just get to Experts.

High level communication between Expert engineers is difficult to plan, rely on, and have a guarantee their solution will work.

Often different support vendors will hand off Tickets, or point-the-finger at other support vendors to solve the problem.

No incentive for a variety of support vendors to coordinate effectively or efficiently.

For Tickets requiring a long cycle of testing and monitoring a configuration, re-engaging various support vendors through their Tiered support can be extremely problematic, time consuming, and cause headache.

Each layer of support which does not provide you an answer is costing you unnecessary operating expenditure. You can pay almost double using a traditional support structure while being provided far inferior support.

Delays in coordinating, and adhering to various terms of service between different support vendors makes it difficult to plan maintenance windows to fix complex problems.

A solution which has input from multiple levels of engineers is usually not as effective as the opinion of the most veteran of engineers. Symptoms, changes, updates, and many other bits of important information can be lost in translation.

Service Support providers will be non-competitive within a few years unless they provide a unified offering. The traditional suppliers of high level technical support are engrained in tradition, and not ingenuity.

What a Palotac Partnership provides

Web Portal Integration - Our developers are on standby to seamlessly integrate our REST based API support services into the API you provide for your customers.

Multilingual Support - Palotac supports 130 countries worldwide. Our Core of engineers can fluently provide support in English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and many more.

OEM Software Updates - If your customer has a valid software license and experiences a bug (which we ID), we are the contracted agent to speak with the OEM to request and deliver the updated software revision.

Advance Hardware Replacement - We fully support PTAC8 (8x5xNBD) and PTAC24 (24x7x4) advanced hardware replacements for all covered devices.

Automated Metrics Reporting - Compare your customer's ticket volume, satisfaction, response times, incident evolution, and more.

Commission Plan Flexibility - We grant very generous commission plans for all our reseller partners. Our ideology is to create long-term relationships in every transaction we are involved in.

pRoute - Our proprietary pRoute algorithm is a unique concept connecting customers directly to one solution provider who will solve the problem from start to finish. This is a very powerful offering to give your customers as it saves time, expense, and headache.

Custom Alerts on Customer Activity - We can tailor alerts which ping your employees when there are any developments on an open ticket. This is very useful for building seamless communication between the end customer, reseller, and our engineer.

EOL Information - End of Life date announcements for hardware (and it's software) are an important metric to accurately plan your budget, infrastructure uptime, and future growth. All of our quotes provide EOL dates for each device, free of charge.

EOL Support - OEM's terminate the life cycle of product lines prematurely, even when they are working perfectly fine. Palotac can fully support any EOL device until there is a customer side demand to upgrade the hardware.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Customer Audits - Service metrics can also be delivered manually for on the fly requests documenting our performance to present to a customer. This is a free service we recommend around contract renewal dates.

Assistance on any or all Sales Calls on Demand - Our Engineers, Sales team, and Executives are available to join conference calls at any stage of your sales cycle to be your Experts in service.