Partner Program Benefits

We offer a variety of useful tools and assign resources to help our Partners become successful. Here are a few benefits of our Partner Program:

Custom-Branded Support

We believe in flexibility and Partner brand building - in line with this practice, you have the ability to custom label our support as your own. We recommend incorporating our Powered by Palotac branding, but that choice is up to you.

Marketing Material

We will provide you with a package of information to help you sell our service by incorporating it into your Portal. This will include all details of service, legal terms, service summary sheets, best practices, networking key phrases, and much more.

Insider Information

As a Palotac Partner, you will have advanced notice about service changes, additions, market updates, and other major developments to be announced before anyone else.

Advanced Price Discounts

Our pricing model is highly competitive for you in both the market penetration and saturation stages of incorporating our service into your product and/or service.

Professional Services Q&A

Expert networking and big-data support can create a large amount of questions you will need detailed and complete answers for. If you are unsure about any product, OEM policies, or best practices our Experts are at your full access to answer those questions for you.

Customer Call Assistance

During the ramp-up stages of Partnership, bringing sales teams up to speed can be an arduous task. Our sales, management, and executive teams are at your fingertips to include on sales calls as your Experts in service.

Dedicated API Developer

When integrating our API into your customer Portal, we provide you with a free and dedicated developer who can assist in back end integration, recommended layout, and even suggest additional features to add to your own Portal.

Professional Quoting

Networking and big-data product quotes involve a large amount of complexity and detail. Simply quoting from a price list is very difficult. Send us any list you would like to quote for service, and we will provide an editable, professional, and complete quote.

Personalized References

As a Partner you will also gain access to industry specific references. Let us know the market segment and company size, and we will provide the most relevant references possible to assist your customer in talking with a present customer like themselves.

End of Life Reporting

Every OEM has a different way of announcing End of Life dates. It can be very time consuming as most OEMs require this process to be manual (certain OEMs automate this at high level partnerships). Send us any list of assets, and we can provide EOL information. This is also included in every quote we provide.

Market Guidance

The networking and big-data markets are constantly evolving and the demand for understanding, predicting, and expecting the correct changes is very important. We are at your disposal at any time to give free advice and let you know what we think.

Service Inclusion Advice

Depending on how your customer Portal is presented, what present support you offer (if any), we can provide direct advice into where to incorporate PTAC services. We can be a front-line, middle-line, or end-escalation point for your customers.